Ponsonby Pomade is a water based, nutrient rich product that treats the hair and scalp while you use it - Dragons Blood and Harakeke treat and balance the scalp while Argan oil attacks split ends and promotes healthy hair growth.  This fabulous pomade can style your hair while also protecting it from damage, calming the scalp with natural, active ingredients that leave both hair & scalp feeling clean and healthy.

Hold factor - medium with a high shine suitable for a wide range of looks and styles. Uses a bespoke slightly medicinal fragrance to evoke sweat, spice mystery and in an effort to avoid having you smell like a toffee!  Water based which means that it’s water-soluble and that it can easily be washed out, but is still weather resistant. Non greasy, no unwanted build-up.No petroleum means it’s easy on the earth and easy on your head whilst delivering and maintaining perfect shape and hold.

The Coltrane Hair Clay utilizes White Clay and Beeswax mixed with Pracaxi oil and a splash of Brazil wax resulting in a medium hold clay which is designed to create the perfect hold for those who want a matte, firm, healthy wave that is flexible enough to mould your own way, but strong enough to keep it that way.  Fragrance - American Tobacco, smoky, manly.

The key ingredients in Fibre Royale ‘Beeswax and Argan oil’ combine to deliver tensile strength and weight with a natural look without adding volume. It s easy to apply especially to thick or long hair. In fact, its designed for exactly these hair types.  It’s water based so its non-greasy and it smells like Wood bark, Pine Needle and Orange rind).

These are available in both 95grams and also handy a little travel puck containing 25grams.

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