Kids hate getting sunblock applied.  They screw up their faces and hate the white lotion that runs and gets into their eyes.

Try this - Skinnies for Kids. It's a waterless get that goes on smoothly and feels amazing on the skin.  It contains no water so it stays on for a long time not evaporating in water or on sweaty skin.  It is SPF 50 and is 2 hours water resistant. It is made from biodegradable ingredients and does not contain oxybenzone which harms coral. 

And it is economical - a pea size blob does face, neck and ears.

For adventure loving youngsters - or anyone that likes to go outside in our harsh sun!  (adults love this too)

Skkids barefoot babe-2
Skkids barefoot babe-2 Skkids river rascal Skkids barefoot babe Skkids beach boy

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