These cushion covers feature the work of New Zealand painter Karl Maughan.  They are taken from two of his paintings - Forest Hill and Lincoln.  

Karl Maughan is a much loved artist known best for his stunning depictions of New Zealand landscapes, teaming with colour and life, trees and flowers.

This is a double sided, full colour cover that measures 45 x 45cms.  It comes with a zip closure.  It is a cover only and does not include an inner.

You can tell the difference between the two because Forest Hill has a peak of blue sky and Lincoln has a brown path running up the middle.

Rpcckmlincolnwithgreen Rpcckmlin-3 Rpcckmlin Rpkmccwpacouch Rpkmforresthillcc-2 Rpkmforesethillpainting-2 Rpkmccmagimage Rpcckm2cc-2

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