This mirror looks like a normal round wall mirror - until you turn it on. Then the effect is amazing, it goes on forever! 

An Infinity Mirror contains two mirrors with different transmissivity and reflectivity, that combine to create the illusion of infinite space.  The surface at the back of the Infinity Mirror is 100% reflective – exactly like an everyday mirror – but the front surface is only 50% reflective and therefore casts back about half of the light that hits it. This means that some of the light escapes through the front mirror and into your eye. The rest is bounced back off the rear mirror, then into the front mirror again, and this process continues off to infinity – hence the name.

When you sandwich strips of LED lights (42 in this case) between the two mirrors, a little bit of light escapes each time and each successive LED will look a little bit dimmer until they gradually disappear. The Infinity Mirror is a great visual stimulant that can be used in everyday life and is guaranteed to make anyone look ‘out of this world’.

The mirror is 23cm in diameter. Each packed in a colour box. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). Can also be used with an AC adaptor (not included).

This is a great gift for a science buff or someone interested in special effects.

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