New Zealand Ian Blackwell has designed these cool car, van and caravan models.  They are made out of Rimu veneer and both open to reveal secret little compartments.  The Holden has a removable roof and hinged bonnet while the caravan and kombi has a pull out draw for keepsakes.

These are beautifully hand made pieces with wonderful details etched into them.  They will bring a life time of joy to someone who appreciate fine craftmanship.

The EH Holden model measures approx 15cms x 5cms and the caravan is approx 16cms x 7cms.  And the Kombi van measures 15 x 7.5cms. Now this Kombi looks cool in clolour!

All are hand made in New Zealand.

370-holden towing caravan -ian blackwell
370-holden towing caravan -ian blackwell 370-holden bonnet open-ianblackwell 370-holden closed-ib 370-holden open from top-ian blackwell 370-holden back vu-ib 370-kombi front-ib

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