These Corten Steel sculptural spears look stunning in a garden.  They naturally rust and contrast beautifully with a lush green background.   Corten steel is a heavy duty, corrosion resistant, weathering steel that will not break down like regular steel – creating long-lasting art & interest in the garden and Corten is also gorgeous indoors

They are hand made by Grounded Art (a couple - Brendon & Jane Harley) in Nelson, New Zealand. Each piece is unique as it will rust differently.

The three designs we sell are Fish Hook (a fish hook shape) Reflections (points on lines mirrored by each other) and Korokio (a plant shape).  These are available as a spear shape which has a metal rod attached so you can plant straight into the soil of your garden. These sculptures stand 1650mm tall (400mm spear head on a 1250mm rod).  These scultures add interest and depth to your garden.

All pieces come in a 'clean' steel as this is easier to transport as the rust will not mark or come off in transit.  The rust will soon develop when put into the garden after it gets wet in the rain.  If you are keen to get it started asap then you can spray with white vinegar or seawater.

Contact us if you'd to purchase three or more sculptures and we can give you a special price.

Gaspearfishhookgarden Gafishhookdouble Gafishhookdetail Gakorokiodetail Gakorokiodouble Gaspearkorokio Gareflectiondouble Gakorokioconcretebricks