Set Game

The object of this game is to identify SETs of 3 cards.  A SET consists of three cards on which each individual feature is either all the same or all different on all three cards. This looks and sounds so simple.  It's not!  Each card is unique in its features, colour, shape, number, and shading. There are over a thousand combinations.

This game has gathered many many awards from round the world including a MENSA award.  It is really good for the brain and can be played solo or with a group.  Great family game as it can be played with children and adults.  But watch it - it's trickier than you think.

Contents: 81 cards with solitaire and group play instructions.



Make words from the letters on the cards you are dealt.  Go out as fast as you can and leave your opponents with a hand full of cards.  This is a good game to stimulate and exercise the brain as you have to think quickly.  Great game for young and old as the words dont have to be long.  Lots of strategy and fun for the whole family (8+)  A good game to take on holiday or for non TV nights.

Contents: 118 cards and instructions.

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